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You cannot think of an idea for your baby's name or cannot decide with your partner? Let our baby names guide give you some suggestion.

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Aaicha is a girl’s name of Arabic origin that means “living life to the fullest”.

It is also the name of the youngest wife of the Prophet and daughter of the first caliph.

What do you think of Aaicha? Do you find it to be a beautiful name?

Aanisah is an Arabic name for girls that means “amicable; friendly”.

People with the name “Aanisah” are gracious, gallant with high morals and physical attractiveness.

What do you think of Aanisah? Do you find it to be a beautiful name?

Aasir is a male Arabic name that means “one who’s strong and capable of winning over his enemies by arresting them”.

What’s your impression of Aasir? Do you find it to be a beautiful name?

Abbas is a masculine given name of Arabic origin. It finds its roots in the verb “abas” that means “frown; scowl”.

Abbas is also one of the variant appellations given to the lion in the Arab world.

What do you think of the name? Could it be the best bet for your baby-to-be?

Servant of the King, connotes servitude to the Almighty.

Servant of the Merciful, a name expressing servitude and mercy.