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As your child grows more energetic, so will his need for more nutrition. Discover your child's journey of good food here.

Starting on Solids
ماذا أقدّم لطفلي بعد فطامه؟
1-3 years

Getting Started On Weaning Foods!

 Important Weaning Foods For Your Baby

How And When To Introduce Solid Foods To Babies?
6-12 months

How And When To Introduce Solid and Weaning Foods To Babies?

The Complete Guide To Starting Solids and Weaning Foods

cerelac puree
1-3 years

Cerelac Fruits Puree

Natural goodness squeezed with love.

1-3 years

CERELAC® is natural and nutritious

From choosing ingredients to specialized packaging, we take great care to ensure your baby’s CERELAC® is all natural and nutritious. Read the article to learn more.

choose the right cerelac for your babys age
1-3 years

Choose the right CERELAC for your baby’s age

From 6 months to 12 months and above, there’s a CERELAC to suit every age. Wondering which one is for your baby? Read the article to find out..

Preparing cerelac
1-3 years

Preparing CERELAC is easy

Making a yummy bowl of CERELAC for your baby is so easy! You can do it anywhere, anytime. Just follow these simple steps. Learn how.

spoon feeding baby
6-12 months

Your guide to starting solids

Congratulations on reaching this exciting milestone and have fun feeding your baby his first foods.

Important Nutrition Considerations
Bowl full of goodness
1-3 years

A bowl full of goodness and nutritious food

CERELAC is a lot more than just a yummy meal for your baby.It’s packed with goodness and nutritious food. Read the article to know more.

أهمية الحديد في غذاء طفلك
6-12 months

Importance Of Iron In Babies’ Dietary System

Why Is Iron Important For Your Little One?

أهمية طعام الفطام في غذاء طفلك
1-3 years

Importance Of Weaning Food In Baby’s Nutrition

Why Is Weaning Important?

مضاعفات نقص الحديد في الأطفال
1-3 years

Risks Of Iron Deficiency

Iron-Deficiency Anemia And Your Child

small tummy needs big nutrition
6-12 months

Small tummy needs big nutrition

It’s wonderful watching your baby grow. But, is the food you give him nutritious enough to meet his growing needs? Read the article to learn more.

Smart food for brain development
1-3 years

Smart foods for brain development

Make sure your baby gets all the essential nutrients for better brain and cognitive development. Read all about smart foods for your baby.

Weaning Challenges
علامات التسنين وكيفية التعامل معها
0-6 months

Teething Signs And Remedies

Learn About Baby Teething Symptoms And Common Soothing Remedies!

هذه هي أكثر المشاكل شيوعاً عند فطام الطفل!
6-12 months

Common Weaning Problems

Tips For Mothers: Weaning Challenges And Solutions

متى يكون الفطام وما توصيات منظمة الصحة العالمية بهذا الخصوص؟
6-12 months

When To Start Weaning And All That Is Based On WHO Recommendations?

 WHO Advice For Infant Complementary Feeding

6 خطوات بسيطة تسهّل على طفلك ترك اللهاية!
6-12 months

Tips For Pacifier Weaning

How Do I Wean My Baby Off The Dummy?

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