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Pregnancy Weekly Calendar

Pregnancy Calculator & Weekly Calendar

Track your pregnancy week by week with our pregnancy calculator and calendar to learn more about your pregnancy stages, the symptoms, and your baby's development.

First Trimester

Trimester 1

Congrats on your pregnancy! If it’s your first child, this first trimester – the first 12 weeks – will most probably be a whirlwind of questions. So many things to learn! But no worries. This page may have most of the answers you need.

Second Trimester

Trimester 2

Now that you have more or less settled down in your pregnancy, it’s time to focus on your little one. Read on about weeks 13 to 25 and find out what you’ll need to do for your little one’s healthy growth and development.

Third Trimester

Trimester 3

How time flies! Another milestone is fast approaching. Don’t stress, it’s the last thing you should do. This third and final trimester – weeks 26 to 40 – should be your happiest time as you’ll soon be meeting your little darling face to face! Read on for how you should prepare for the moment.