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1-3 years

CERELAC® is natural and nutritious

From choosing ingredients to specialized packaging, we take great care to ensure your baby’s CERELAC® is all natural and nutritious. Read the article to learn more.

Bowl full of goodness
1-3 years

A bowl full of goodness and nutritious food

CERELAC is a lot more than just a yummy meal for your baby.It’s packed with goodness and nutritious food. Read the article to know more.

small tummy needs big nutrition
6-12 months

Small tummy needs big nutrition

It’s wonderful watching your baby grow. But, is the food you give him nutritious enough to meet his growing needs? Read the article to learn more.

cerelac puree
1-3 years

Cerelac Fruits Puree

Natural goodness squeezed with love.

Preparing cerelac
1-3 years

Preparing CERELAC is easy

Making a yummy bowl of CERELAC for your baby is so easy! You can do it anywhere, anytime. Just follow these simple steps. Learn how.

Week 3

Indigestion And Heartburn During Pregnancy

How Can I Reduce Heartburn And Indigestion?

diaper changing routine
0-6 months

Diaper changing routine

You’re going to do a lot of diaper changing over the next few months, so here’s a helpful diaper-changing routine. Check it off and make every diaper change smooth like your baby’s bottom.

pregnant lady sitting on sofa with laptop

C-sections: What to consider

How you bring your baby into the world is a very personal decision, with different factors at play. Here are a few things to consider about an elective caesarean, also known as a C-section.

c-section recovery

C-section recovery checklist

As with any surgery, C-section recovery takes time and self-care. Here are some things to have in mind to help you heal, from C-section recovery time to cleaning C-section incisions.


First prenatal appointment questions

Your very first prenatal appointment is here—exciting! With so much going on, it helps to have a list of pregnancy questions on hand to ask your healthcare provider.

Fruits, vegetables and nuts
0-6 months

Healthy breastfeeding diet

If you’re breastfeeding, a healthy breastfeeding diet is important as it can affect your baby as much as you. Get tips on what not to eat when breastfeeding and what to eat when breastfeeding.

healthy toddler diet
1-3 years

Healthy toddler diet

A healthy toddler diet now can set your little one up for a lifetime of healthy eating. Here are some nutrition building blocks for the best food for toddlers.

how to help baby sleep
0-6 months

How to help baby sleep

Babies love to sleep, eat, repeat. Right? Except the sleep bit can sometimes take work.

baby crying while eating
1-3 years

How to help a picky eater

Wondering how to help a picky eater? Developing a palate takes time. So we’ve prepared a menu of useful tips to help turn your picky eater into a food lover.

Mother with baby girl
0-6 months

Coping with separation anxiety

Clingy Baby Syndrome, otherwise known as separation anxiety in toddlers, can be upsetting for you and your baby. Here are some tips to help you both cope with separation anxiety.

overcoming breastfeeding problems
0-6 months

Overcoming breastfeeding problems

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally but with a bit of practice, perseverance, and a few pointers, it can get easier. Try these steps to help tackle breastfeeding problems. 

baby eating strawberry
0-6 months

Baby-led weaning checklist

Wondering when to start baby food? Most babies are ready to start trying at around six months.

baby teething tips
0-6 months

Baby teething tips

Teething can be a distressing time for your baby and you too. We’ve put together an action plan of teething tips, so you can all get through it without gritting your teeth.

your checklist of antenatal testing questions

Antenatal Testing Questions

Baby health checks start before they’re even born. Here are some questions you may want to ask your healthcare provider about antenatal testing.

Pregnant woman with mobile

Pregnancy concerns and diet solutions

Pregnancy is exciting, exhilarating and totally different for every woman.