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Getting Your Body Back After Pregnancy

Spare tires on the tummy, wobbly thighs and arms like a wrestler, it won't do. It's time for a weight-loss plan!

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

You know all the important guidelines, eating healthily, reducing quantities, doing a little sport. If you are thinking it's easier said than done then think again. A little motivation, a lot of advice, and everything will be back to normal again!

Taking your time

You should not embark on a drastic diet. It will not work and will not provide lasting results. You should not launch headlong into daily gym sessions either. It is better to wait for when you have had a period again for getting back into the swing of things, gently. Your body is put to the test during pregnancy and birth so before getting back into shape, give your body a few weeks' rests. It can only be beneficial for your future program!

Then, estimate the number of kilos you need to lose but be reasonable. Ideally, you should aim for the weight you were before your pregnancy, with an additional one or two kilos if you really want, but there is no point aiming too high!

Setting a time limit is however very difficult. Some women lose their weight in a few weeks, others in over a year. All women are different! Don't go by those famous mothers that regained their figure in a flash. Losing so much weight in so little time is bad for health. Unlike you, they have nothing better to do anyway!

You should also bear in mind that if you are breastfeeding this will naturally help you lose weight gradually so that's good news!

Eating healthily

Losing weight is impossible without a balanced diet! You should eat a varied diet but in reasonable quantities! Start with the number of meals. You should never skip meals and you should eat 3 to 4 meals per day, ideally in a calm atmosphere! This prevents hunger pangs and the risk of giving in to calorie-rich foods!

You should prefer vegetables (steamed or boiled, with a light seasoning of olive oil, no fatty sauces) for their vitamin and fiber content. You should also make fruit a part of your diet, but not more than 3 per day. As for proteins, prefer white meat (veal, pork tenderloin), poultry (without the skin) and fish, and lean red meat such as beef tenderloin or rump steak (it is rich in iron so you should include it in your diet.) Dairy products contain calcium and you should prefer the low-fat versions (cottage cheese, natural, fruit or flavored yogurts) while eating a little cheese, ideally one portion 2 or 3 times a week for the time being. You should ensure you get a reasonable quantity of carbohydrates for lasting energy. While trying to lose weight you should avoid sweet and fatty foods including cured meats, ready meals, and pastries, etc. You should drink plenty of water, and you can drink tea and herbal teas and sugar-free soft drinks, but you should avoid alcohol and other drinks with high sugar content.

If you have cravings, try an apple and a glass of sugar-free soda rather than a cake. You can, of course, indulge occasionally as it will help keep you motivated.

If you feel that it is too hard and you need help, you can contact a dietician who will help you adopt the right attitude, with a personalized nutritional program.

Exercise and pampering

Combined with a healthy, balanced diet, physical activity will also help you lose weight. You should start gently by walking or swimming. Once you have completed your perineal care, you can go back to your energetic gym class or Sunday marathon training.

Try not to overdo it, to begin with and don't forget to rest. Bear in mind that effective training comes more from regularity than intensity. Two sessions of 20 minutes of tummy crunches per week are more effective than 2 hours of intensive exercise per month!

Finally, don't forget to pamper yourself! Anti-cellulite massages at the physiotherapists, firming treatments at the beauty salon. Pleasure and well-being are compatible!


David, Martin's dad

"After our son was born, my wife started a diet to lose the few extra pounds. To help her and so as not to lay temptation in her path, I did the diet with her. The advantage is I also lost the extra pounds put on during the pregnancy!"

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