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How Does Breastfeeding Prevent Pregnancy

Is It True That You Can't Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

It’s possible for women who have just given birth to a lovely baby, to recur to breastfeeding as a way of avoiding pregnancy. That’s true; breastfeeding could be a natural and effective contraceptive method.

For more information about this method, its benefits and how to use it, you just have to read on the following article where you can find the right answers to all the questions you have in mind…


How is breastfeeding used to prevent pregnancy?

Breastfeeding can be an effective method of avoiding pregnancy, in case a mother has chosen it as an exclusive way to feed her baby, without recurring to formula feeding for any reason whatsoever, as the breastfeeding process in itself changes the female hormones and hence makes it harder to conceive.


How does breastfeeding prevent pregnancy?

During exclusive breastfeeding, a mother’s body doesn’t produce the female hormone that is necessary for ovulation. The result: no ovulation and no pregnancy!


How much is breastfeeding effective in preventing pregnancy?

Breastfeeding, as any other contraceptive method, can be very effective in preventing pregnancy, if used in the right way, which means:

  • Exclusively and without substituting any feeding with any other type of food.
  • Every 4 hours (during the day) and every 6 hours (during the night).
  • With missed periods since giving birth.

Breastfeeding remains an effective form of birth control for about 6 months after delivery. And after that, you will have to rely on other contraceptive methods.


What are breastfeeding advantages and disadvantages in preventing pregnancy?

Breastfeeding is a safe, simple and effective contraceptive method, for it is free, needs no medical prescription, doesn’t affect the hormone balance, and can even reduce the bleeding flow after delivery.

Moreover, breastfeeding may offer the baby great benefits, such as decreasing the likelihood of catching viral infections from water or formula, enhancing the physical contact with the mother and preventing infections and allergies, etc.

The only negative thing about breastfeeding as a contraceptive method, is that it lasts only 6 months, and there’s no way it can give complete and effective results unless the mother is accurate and breastfeeds her baby exclusively.

With all these advantages and benefits, what are you still waiting for to start breastfeeding your baby and get the help you need to have the effective and right experience at the same time?

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