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Baby Gender Predictor

Fetal Heartbeat For Gender Prediction

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Today’s world is full of ways and methods that can predict a baby’s gender whilst in the womb. Some of these methods are accurate and scientifically proven and some others are just a stroke of luck that you can try.


Among the most popular theories on baby gender prediction is the one based on the fetal heart rate. But, is it accurate? Is there any scientific evidence to support it? Read on the details…


This gender prediction theory, known for 30 years now, relies on the principle of measuring the heart rate of the baby in uterus per minute. If it is over 140 beats per minute, then the baby will be a girl, and if it’s lesser than 140 beats per minute, then the baby will be a boy.


But, it seems that the theory has missed the point that the fetal heartbeat varies between moments and days, and may decrease from 170-200 beats per minute to 160-120 beats per minute as pregnancy progress, with a slight difference between boys and girls.


And it seems also that the theory didn’t take into consideration the possible effect of a baby’s size and level of activity on his heart rate. For it is known that heart rate increases and speeds up due to the baby’s muscles increased need to oxygen and the contrary is true, i.e. during sleep and rest.


Based on this explanation, we can say that there is no actual evidence proving the relation between a baby’s gender and his heartbeat, and the theory based on same remains a funny, simple and non dangerous thought, according to many scientific studies issued for that matter during the past years.


If you still want to try out this gender prediction method despite all these confirmations, we recommend that you do it as a way to have fun or as a way to feel at ease about your baby’s health by listening to his heartbeat, without expecting the 99% credible result that an ultrasound would give you around the twentieth month of the pregnancy.


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