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Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: Is It Safe to Eat Raw Meat & Sushi

Raw Food Diet Pregnancy

3 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

There is no doubt that eating healthy and well-balanced meals is an important thing at all times, but during pregnancy it becomes even more important, especially that your unborn child needs lots of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients during this phase. So how can you meet these needs in presence of foods that are not safe for you and your pregnancy? That’s true; some foods are beneficial and safe for the baby and his growth, while some others are full of bacteria and harmful chemicals. And it’s best for you to stay on the safe side and avoid as much as possible the types of foods that may harm your immunity system and your baby’s health.


On top of these foods come raw meats, raw shellfish and Sushi, followed by cold meats, improperly washed raw veggies, soft cheeses, smoked seafood, highly contaminated fishes, caffeine sources and unpasteurized milk.


And throughout this article, we shall be focusing on Sushi and other raw types of food and their possible risks on your pregnancy:


As for raw meats:

Physicians warn expectant mothers about the risks associated with eating Sushi and raw or undercooked seafood, chicken and beef meats during pregnancy, as it might expose them to Toxoplasmosis or food poisoning by Salmonella and E. Coli.


As for raw shellfish:

It’s not advised to eat raw shellfish such as oysters, shells and mussels at any time and especially during pregnancy. That’s why we ask you to avoid indulging yourself in dishes containing shellfish unless they are well cooked.


As for raw eggs:

Mothers-to-be should avoid eating raw eggs and any other food containing raw eggs, like mayonnaise, custard, ice cream and different types of sauces, as it may expose them to Salmonella. However, it would be a safe choice to eat mayonnaise made from pasteurized eggs. So, make sure you always read your food labels and check if their egg components are “pasteurized”.


As for unpasteurized milk:

Unpasteurized milk may contain Listeria, the kind of bacteria that could lead to abortion due to its capacity to pass through the placenta, negatively affect the fetus and cause him dangerous infections.


As for raw veggies:

It is very important that you eat safe veggies during pregnancy. But, be careful and wash them very well so you won’t get poisoned by chemical components or catch Toxoplasmosis in case those vegetables were contaminated by the soil they grew in.


It is to be noted that Toxoplasmosis may harm your baby and cause him dangerous health issues. And it’s very likely it would lead to abortion or stillbirth. As for food poisoning by Salmonella, it might not threaten your baby’s life but it will surely cause you abdomen pains, severe headaches, high fever, diarrhea and vomiting.


In either case, results are negative, uncertain and must be avoided through washing raw vegetables, cleaning kitchen utensils before usage, properly cooking meats and eggs, and storing food in a healthy way that keeps them safe from bacteria.


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