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First Month of Pregnancy

My last period was about two to six weeks ago, which means that I am pregnant for about 4 weeks, I barely know that I am pregnant with my child, this is something very different to me! I can't believe this until now, and I just thought I had influenza! 

3 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Where's my little baby? 

Your fetus is now somewhat like a punctuation mark with a small head and the beginnings of four limbs, and while the umbilical cord begins to form, the circulatory system between the fetus and the placenta begins to take shape as well. 

In fact, the fetus is beginning to take an oval form consisting of three layers of cells, which will seed different structures and organs of the body. 

The inner dermis layer (inner layer) will form to be the organs of the fetus, for example: the digestive system, liver, pancreas, and respiratory system. The layer in the middle will be the skeleton, cardiovascular system, and genitals, while the outer layer will be the nervous system, sensory organs, skin, hair and nails. When a bump forms in the middle, this is what will remain the head of the fetus later, and with the beginning of the heart taking shape, it will start to pulse in the form of a heart tube by the end of the third week. 

Everything is ready this stage is known as "organ creation", for example: creating different internal organs and starting circulation. This phase will start in the fourth week. 

Good eating habits 

Pay more attention to the food you eat! This also does not mean that you can eat for two, instead, it means that your needs changed at the beginning of the pregnancy, and in order to be sure of the good and proper development of your fetus, you must eat a lot of iron and folic acid (or vitamin B9). 

To stay away from the risk of serious diseases such as Listeria (a parasitic disease that affects the brain) or Toxoplasmosis (Toxoblasma), you will need to consult your doctor. We recommend that you stay away from foods such as fish, seafood and dairy products made from unpasteurized milk, and it is best to cook the meat well (stay away from exotic meat and uncooked meat), and wash fruits and vegetables well before you consume them. 

Remember these healthy habits: Make sure you wash your hands before preparing meals and eating them on the table and remember to clean the refrigerator regularly and consult your doctor for the necessary precautions. 

Question: Do I have to take some supplements? 

If you are following a variety of balanced dietary habits before pregnancy, your need for minerals and vitamins will be naturally available, in fact and despite this, sometimes women complain about the lack of minerals and vitamins, especially iron and folic acid, which are the two important elements at the beginning of your pregnancy. Doctors will describe the folic acid supplement for pregnant women or those who want to get pregnant (e.g. before pregnancy follow-up time), if you are complaining from iron deficiency, the doctor may advise you on a dietary supplement, and you must not in any case take supplements without consulting with your doctor. 

Four weeks have passed after pregnancy and the weight of your baby increased 10,000 times, and as far as you know; time has passed and you are due in eight or nine months and are getting ready to meet your beautiful baby. 


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