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Fourth Month of Pregnancy

My last period was about 16 to 19 weeks ago, which means I'm about 14 to 17 weeks pregnant. The fetus is sucking his fingers in my uterus, and he is happy, but for me, I have a strong desire to eat strawberries - is this really an irresistible feeling? 

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Where is the fetus? 

The fetus has been more active: you may start feeling its movement and these feelings will be light at the beginning like butterflies in your stomach, you may not feel a thing at this moment, but wait... It's not going to take long. Now the fetus can open its mouth and move its eyes and make facial expressions and move its fingers in its mouth and suck on it. 

The sense of touch will continue to evolve, and the retina will start to work, and the sense of taste will begin to develop due to "touch particles", and these are very small areas and sensitive to the skin. You should wait for 24 weeks until these particles appear and will remain like this until the fetus' nervous system is fully developed. The sense of smell is also evolving little by little, but the fetus will not be able to differentiate between different smells until the seventh month, and will start to taste thanks to the amniotic fluid, which varies according to the quality of the food you eat. Finally, at the beginning of the 15th week of pregnancy, the fetus will start to hear your heartbeat and stomach, especially your voice through the amniotic fluid, and you can talk to him and reassure him even if he can't understand you yet. 

Good eating habits 

Nausea and loss of appetite during the first period of your pregnancy is a normal thing and will end soon, you can rediscover your appetite and you can benefit from this. Enjoy your time without exaggeration, and as much as weight gain is a natural thing, there is no fixed rule: everything depends on your body weight, health condition and burn rate. On average, the ideal weight can increase more than 300g to 350g per week in the second period and Dr. Qadir will be able to tell you what is right with you. 

Be careful with your iodine intake, as it is necessary for the thyroid gland to function properly but needs to be moderated carefully. This mineral is highly present in salt, and you can't have too much salt during your pregnancy. Do not hesitate to ask the doctor to learn more information. 

Question of the month: I feel like eating something sweet - what should I do? 

Dreaming of a slice of strawberry cake or a plate of chocolate mousse during pregnancy is something normal that can happen occasionally, and again hormones are responsible for this feeling. Do I have to give in to these cravings? 

Yes, from time to time, but within reasonable limits, and as long as you are committed to a variety of balanced food habits, the best solution to compensate for sugars is to eat fresh or dried fruit, desserts made from milk (not cream) and natural yogurt, and you can also eat "light" products in small quantities: like eating a piece of dark chocolate instead of a piece of sugar-filled cake. 


The fetus is still in a bubble in your abdomen, and its vital organs are still complete, growing second by second. Your curiosity will make you want to know your fetal type. Wait, you will know everything soon during your second ultrasound session next month.  


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