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Can Pregnant Women Drink Honey

Honey Safety While Pregnant

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

You probably know that honey can be toxic for children under one year of age, as it carries the risk of botulism. But, how much is it safe for pregnant women and can moms-to-be eat honey without worry for the safety of their unborn babies?

Quite an important question obstetricians and midwives are often asked. The answer is fortunately: yes, honey is safe for pregnant women and yes, mothers-to-be can eat honey during pregnancy as long as it’s pasteurized honey.

So if you’re a honey lover, be sure that this natural sweetener doesn’t fall under the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy.

You definitely can eat honey, yet in moderation. Honey can provide you with lots of health benefits and help you get rid of some unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, such as constipation, morning sickness (during the first trimester), and heartburn (during the last trimester). It can also aid your body to beat infections, cold and cough, especially that you’re not allowed to take any medication that may put your growing baby at risk.

Thereupon, pasteurized honey is considered safe during pregnancy, unlike unpasteurized honey that may contain bacteria causing illness. In the absence of studies denying the potential risks of unpasteurized honey on pregnancy and unborn babies, your best bet is to stick to “pasteurized” labeled options; your immune system “have a lower response” during pregnancy and can’t fight diseases like it should!


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