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How To Regain Energy And Shape After Pregnancy?

Get Your Body Back After Delivery!

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

It is likely that your interest in this article is motivated by one of these two reasons: you are a mother of a newborn child looking for an effective and healthy solution to get rid of the extra kilos you put on during pregnancy; or, you are a new mother looking for a way to reactivate her metabolism.


In both cases, you’ve come to the right place. You will surely find in this article the effective solution and advice that can speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat while regaining your pre-pregnancy energy and shape.


  • Don’t reduce your daily caloric intake. You need enough calories to maintain your energy and preserve all your serious efforts to lose weight. Eating well also avoids reducing your breast milk supply.Consuming enough calories is necessary during breastfeeding, as long as it doesn’t exceed the proper level for your condition, age and body.
  • Make sure to have small and regular meals every 4 to 5 hours. This controls your hunger and avoids increased appetite and overeating, thus preserving your energy and fitness at all times. 
  • Make sure to have enough sleep. Research shows that lack of sleep or sleep deprivation –even for one hour– increase weight gain ratio and constant feeling of fatigue. If sleeping is hard during your baby’s waking hours, try to match your bedtime with his. 
  • Try to exercise on a daily basis —like walking, cardio workouts and weight lifting, which activate your muscles and provide your body with power and ability to metabolize fat.
  • Try hard to get rid of issues and situations causing you constant stress.The latteraffects the function of hormones responsible of regulating appetite and storing fat. For this goal, have recourse to relaxation or meditation exercises such as yoga.
  • Drink enough water to provide your body with sufficient humidity to spare you fatigue, lethargy and constipation, factors that may hamper your weight loss efforts.    
  • Continue breastfeeding, not only because it strengthens your baby’s immunity and your mutual bond, but also since it helps your metabolism with weight loss (435 calories per day on average).


Most importantly, try as much as possible to make exercise and healthy, balanced food a pleasant part of your daily life. Do not hesitate to try new workouts and recipes or even new tricks that may benefit your metabolism and have positive effects on your daily activity and attempts to regain your pre-pregnancy look. 


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