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How To Protect Yourself And Others From Infectious Diseases And Covid?

3 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Remember, when you follow the prophylaxis instructions, you’re protecting your beloved ones, your father, mother, grandfather and grandmother…


•Full commitment to the instructions is worth it, even if it costs some exhaustion and boredom.

•These steps should be done without fear or terror, because fear in itself causes misbehavior, affects immunity and leaves a bad mark on our children and parent’s mentality.

•Each one of us are important and has the capability to play a vital, positive role or a negative role in spreading the infection, meaning you could be preventing the disease or help in spreading it.

Let’s not be the root of harming others, specially what’s requested is simple.


Do not touch your face with your hands, to avoid transmitting the virus from your hands to your nose, eye and mouth.


Sneezing and coughing in a tissue or your sleeves (elbows) and not your hands so you won’t contaminate your hands and then transmit the infection to others.

Sneezing and coughing

Gurgling with warm water and salt every day is part of the prophylaxis, and you can increase the frequency when you have a sore throat, or you can usehot drinks to wash the throat.


Use a nose wash products with sea water or salt solution (half a cup of warm water or a tablespoon of salt) and a syringe for children each time you come back from outside, and increase the frequency if you have symptom of flu or common cold.


Drinking all sorts of liquids are highly important, because hydrating the cells and body improves the immune system. In addition, warm liquid kills the virus in the throat.


Avoid closed and crowded places (malls, cafeterias, kids’ area in restaurants, or any closed place that has many individuals with no chance to keep a distance of at least one meter away from each other, and without good ventilation, even if it’s a family gathering). Open places are much better.


Any sick individual should remain home until he gets better. Young children, elderly people and asthma and diabetic patients have to get back to a doctor once they feel any symptom.



The aim of closing schools, universities, kindergartens and banning gatherings, is to limit the spread of the infection.
Its importance lies in the commitment of the largest number of individuals in society, and we all need to respect it and never replace it with another gatherings.
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Immune system

You want to be part of the solution and save a soul?

Stay Home

We all must follow behavioral and moral dedication in order to stop spreading the disease and not be a reason in transmitting it to others, especially high-risk people due to vulnerabilities, by following the instructions of prophylaxis.

After doing what’s supposed to be done, we must focus our beliefs that God is the protector of us all.

“Being submissive doesn’t mean one has to be weak or passive, on the contrary, the true strength lies in surrender… the strength that comes from inside.
For those who submit to the divine essence of life lives in serenity and peace, even if the whole world is facing disturbance after disturbance.”
Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

Together, we will pass this phase stronger.


                                                                                                                                                                                 - Dr. Hana Abou El Ghar

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