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Importance Of Prenatal Supplements

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Prenatal Vitamins?

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

It’s hard on a pregnant woman or a woman planning to become pregnant to get all the nutrients that she and her fetus need, even if her diet is close to perfect and she regularly eats a wide variety of foods including meat, legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables.


That said, we advise every pregnant woman or every woman planning to become pregnant to enrich her daily diet with supplements that will ensure her adequate intake of minerals and vitamins which play a significant role in maintaining her health and providing her fetus with a safe and healthy environment to grow and develop, especially if she’s vegetarian, if she’s carrying twins or suffers from blood disorders, some chronic diseases or specific health problems.


Folic acid, iron and calcium are at the forefront of the essential dietary supplements to be on before and during pregnancy. The first one helps prevent neural tube defects, whilst the second facilitates the oxygen transfer from the mother to the fetus and prevents the mother from anemia. As for the third nutrient, it is much needed to build the baby’s bones and reduce the mother’s risk of osteoporosis. It is to be noted that omega 3, magnesium, zinc and vitamins D, C and B can be added to other supplements, based on the mother’s body requirements, age and health condition.

So, if you're convinced and willing to go by our advice, this is a minor instruction for you: be sure to take these supplements after consulting your doctor regarding the types and the doses that suit you, mainly if you have a special health condition.

Vitamins in the market have various compositions even if they appear similar. Some contain a small dosage of different nutrients and others are limited to a specific set of essential nutrients.

You better not take risks when it comes to your health and the safety of your pregnancy by taking supplements without your doctor’s consultation. Supplements contain a high concentration of industrial minerals and may send your daily intake of certain nutrients above the recommended allowance.


Finally, dietary supplements are essential and indispensable for a healthy pregnancy, but they cannot substitute, in any way, a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet!


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