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PLAYING: حقائق لا يُخبرونكِ بها عن الولادة!

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Important Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

What You Need To Know About Labor And Delivery!

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Childbirth is a special phase in every woman’s life, but the problem is that it preoccupies her mind with endless questions shifting her thoughts from the happy side of the birth experience and replacing them with stress and anxiety.

So that it won’t be your case, we’ve hereby chosen you some information and facts that will prepare you for the ending stage of your pregnancy and disclose what no one has ever said about labor and delivery:

Contrary to what the movies show about water breaking, it doesn’t happen quickly, yet slowly and gradually, and can be quite closer to urinary incontinence.

  • If your water doesn’t break upon labor, the doctor will be obliged to break it for you, by using a device with a clip. This type of device is not supposed to make you feel any pain, but it will make you uncomfortable for sure.
  • Water breaking doesn’t necessarily mean that you must go straight to the hospital, for many hours or even a whole day may pass by before you start feeling the contractions or your cervix starts expanding.
  • Pushing during labor will last one hour, maybe two or even three, and you better be ready for it and capable of bearing it.    
  • Contractions may be the most difficult and most painful part of the labor. They often start as regular period spasms and develop with time into a squeezing or a pressure feeling on the low back and the low abdomen.
  • The umbilical cord might expand or contract during delivery, thus affecting the fetus heartbeat. And that’s normal and very natural in most cases.
  • As your baby drops down into your uterus and puts pressure on the lower part of your body, you might poop while trying to push him out of the birth canal.
  • After your baby is born, you will have to push your placenta out of your body. But, don’t worry it won’t be as hard as your childbirth!

All that said, it may seem to you that what awaits you in the delivery room is hard and complicated, the truth is that it is quite the easiest part of motherhood and the biggest challenge is in the following phases!

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