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Intercourse During Pregnancy: When To Avoid

Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe?

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Contrary to what has been believed so far, having sex during the first stages of pregnancy doesn’t cause miscarriage and having it during the last couple of months doesn’t expose the mother to infections and premature labor. The proof is in the absence of scientific evidences opposing the persistence of sexual activity between couples during normal non-complicated pregnancies.

In other words, having sex with your husband throughout pregnancy is possible and safe. So, don’t think of freezing your relationship with him as long as you and your baby are doing fine. Always keep in mind that:

  • Sex is safe in the different stages of a normal pregnancy.
  • Your baby is well protected inside your womb and won’t be hurt by your sexual intercourse with his dad.
  • Your sexual drive may lessen during the first stages of pregnancy, but it will increase during the second trimester.
  • Having sex may last till pregnancy advanced stages, with some adjustments and precautions, such as avoiding oral sex that may include air blowing inside the vagina, and anal sex that may negatively affect pregnancy hemorrhoids.
  • Orgasm may cause uterine contractions, but these contractions are quite different from labor contractions and will unlikely lead to premature labor.

And do not fear having intercourse with your life partner as long as your doctor didn’t ask you not to for medical reasons ranging between:

  • Past experience with premature labor or premature delivery.
  • Unjustified vaginal bleeding or abnormal vaginal discharges.
  • Amniotic fluid leak.
  • Preterm dilatation of the cervix (or cervical incompetence).
  • Partial or total placenta previa.
  • Abdominal cramps and aches.
  • Multiple pregnancy.

Not to mention that your doctor may ask you to avoid having intimate relation with your husband if he has genital herpes, so you won’t catch the disease that may negatively affect your baby’s growth. He may also warn you from repetitive sex, as it might cause you urinary tract infections, especially if you’re prone to it.

All that said, if you still not sure whether sex is safe and appropriate for you and your pregnancy, do not hesitate to consult your doctor or call him if you noticed any unusual symptom after intercourse.

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