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What Can I Do To Keep My Baby Safe During Sleep?

 Safe Sleeping For Babies

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Sleep times could be the only times when you will have to leave your infant or your little baby alone and without any supervision. That’s why, it is quite important that you ensure the safety of these times by providing your bundle of joy a safe place and healthy conditions to keep him away from SIDS and other causes of death during sleep.


To help you achieve this goal and give your baby his need of safe sleep, we will hereby put at your disposal the following important and effective tips:


  • Put your baby to sleep on his back, either for the night or for napping. If he rolls over, don’t turn him back to his first position; just leave him as he is.
  • Put your baby in his bed or crib to sleep. Make sure his mattress is hard, flat and covered by a fitted sheet.
  • Make sure that your child’s mattress has the right size and totally fits his crib or bed frame, leaving no more than 3 cm space between the mattress and the sides of the crib/ bed.
  • Remember to empty your baby’s crib from toys, stuffed puppets, pillows, heavy blankets and shock-absorbing cushions before preparing him for sleep.
  • Don’t let your child sleep in his car seat, for it is not made for long time sleeps.
  • Replace the blanket that may suffocate your child if it accidentally covers his head, with light clothing that will keep him comfortable. If the blanket is a must, make sure it’s too light and made of breathable fabric, and make sure to tuck it in firmly so it cannot ride up and cover more than your baby’s chest.
  • Keep an eye on the environment of your baby’s bedroom and make sure not to set its temperature at a low level that can make your baby feel cold or at a high level that can elevate his body temperature until death.
  • Make your home a safe environment that is free from cigarette smokes which can nestle in your furniture, affect your child’s health and increase his risk of SIDS.
  • Put your child’s crib or bed far from windows, doors, electrical lights, candles, sockets, curtain wires and all tiny objects that can put his safety at risk.
  • Be careful not to co-sleep with your child. And if you want to keep him beside you or make it easy on you to breastfeed him at night (if need be), just put his bed in a safe location inside your own bedroom.


Now that you know the safety basics of baby sleep, make sure you remember them and follow them accurately so your little angel gets the chance to enjoy a deep sleep and a long life!


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