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Metabolic Changes In Pregnancy

This Is How Pregnancy Affects Your Metabolism!

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

The overwhelming changes that a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy involve significant alterations in maternal metabolism much needed to meet the gestational demands and the fetus’s growing needs for nutrients that he can only get from his mother’s supplementation and diet.


In other words, the increase in metabolism is very essential during pregnancy to help supply the mother’s body, her fetus, her placenta and her uterus with energy.

The increase in metabolism during pregnancy is mainly marked by elevated levels of insulin in mother’s blood and a higher than normal body temperature.

As for the Insulin and the Glucose metabolism in particular, research has shown that the way glucose is used in the body changes drastically during pregnancy.


During the first months, insulin levels in the body increase allowing the latter to benefit from the glucose found in the blood. While in the advanced stages of pregnancy and when the fetus’ growth is too fast and craving energy, the mother’s body becomes resistant to insulin as a result of giving a large proportion of her daily sugar consumption to her fetus.


It is noteworthy that this metabolism’s acceleration has no risk affecting the mother. She will just experience some dizziness because her body is burning sugar rapidly. So do not be afraid if you experience some dizziness, it is normal and you can easily get rid of it by eating small nutritious meals.

But if you fear the weight gain that can be a normal result of the hormonal changes and the metabolic processes occurring in your body, we advise you to watch your daily physical activity and your diet in a way to fulfill your baby’s needs from food and energy but not exceeding the number of 300 calories per day, as recommended by the American Pregnancy Association and approved by the World Health Organization.


If you find this procedure difficult, do not hesitate to consult your Gynecologist as he is first and foremost, your unique and reliable reference.


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