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Avoid These Mistakes While Giving Your Baby An Oil Massage!

Don't Make These Baby Massage Mistakes!

3 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Even though massaging is an excellent way to soothe babies and help them relax, many people still overlook its importance, deeming it an exaggerated experience better suited to adults who want to pamper themselves.


The truth is quite the opposite. Despite their young age, tiny size and lack of physical activity, babies get tired from excessive sleeping. Massaging their limbs and muscles can protect them from pain associated with numbness and help them eliminate intestinal gas, fight constipation and develop muscles.


As much as baby massage has enormous benefits, most mothers do not know how to do it properly and end up harming their babies instead of helping them.

The following are the most common mistakes to avoid while massaging your baby with oil:

Applying too much pressure on baby: Do not use too much pressure on your baby while massaging him so he won’t feel any pain or discomfort! Make sure you use the palm of your hand to gently massage his tiny body in circular motion, affecting different pressure points.

Oil coming into contact with baby’s eyes: Be cautious when massaging your baby so the oil you use doesn’t touchhiseyes, especially that most herbal componentsin oilare hot by nature and might cause him allergy and itching.

Oil entering baby’s mouth: Beware of the oil getting into your baby’s mouth by mistake, for its components can cause him throat irritation and nausea.

Holding baby while massaging: Make sure to massage your child in the supine position and avoid holding him as he might slip out of your grip due to the slippery nature of the oil.

Allowing baby to move after massage: After rubbing your baby with oil, make sure to stay beside him and do not leave him for a single minute so he does not slip and fall down.

Massaging baby when he has fever or cold: Avoid massaging your baby when he has a cold or suffers from fever.

Bathing baby with cold water: When you are done with the massage, bathe your baby with lukewarm water to wash away the oil.

Leaving the oil on baby’s body for a long time: Make sure to bathe your baby after the massage to prevent accidents.

Massaging before or after breastfeeding: Make sure to schedule the massage at least 30 minutes post feeding to prevent nausea and indigestion.

Not concentrating utterly on the massage: Do not allow anything to distract you from your baby’s massage. Try to consider the latter an effective means to bond with your baby, to soothe him, and boost his immunity and growth.

Not respecting baby’s desire: When your child is not in a good mood to get a massage, stop and do not continue so you don’t annoy him further.


A massage is supposed to be a way to calm and comfort your child. If it’s not the case, you are likely doing something wrong, causing your little one pain and discomfort. Try to find out your mistake and fix it so your baby gets the chance to enjoy the experience and its enormous benefits.


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