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6-12 months
Nutrition program

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Nutrition for the Body and Mind

It is incredible watching your baby learn new things and growing up so fast! Each day brings new progress and rapid learning.

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

It is incredible watching your baby learn new things and growing up so fast! Each day brings new progress and rapid learning.


Birth weight doubles within the 1st 6 months and triples by the end of the 1st year, height increases by 50%. Moreover, more significant growth is happening behind the scenes, in your baby's head: The brain will create 2 million connections per second in the first 24 months of life and will increase 2.6 x in size in the 1st year of life.

At this early age; your child’s brain is like a sponge as he has a great ability to absorb information and shows spectacular growth and development.

At about 6 months of age, breast milk is no longer sufficient to cover the increasing nutritional needs of your growing baby (5.5x higher iron needs vs adult, 2.5x more iodine, 2x vitamin B1, 1.5x more essential fatty acids). Complementary foods should thus be introduced in small quantities, be nutritionally dense and highly digestible to help supply the nutrients that the growing infant needs.

CERELAC infant cereals contain the Iron+ bundle which provides your child more than half his daily iron needs in one serving; plus vitamin C which enhances iron absorption, and other nutrients such as iodine, omega 3, and vitamin B1; all of which support your child’s brain and cognitive development.

How to ensure your child is getting the proper nutrition for his brain and body development:

1- Never underestimate the power of breakfast!

It enhances your baby’s physical and mental performance, as well as his ability to learn.

What can your good learner have for breakfast?

• A bowl of CERELAC infant cereals

2- Healthy snacks mean more energy and mental activity!

A healthy morning and an afternoon snack not only satisfy your baby’s hunger, but also provide him with the energy and nutrients needed, and improve his mental abilities.

Here are a few ideas for healthy and delicious snacks:

• Mashed banana

• Mashed boiled carrot

• Fruit yogurt

3- Sweet dreams mean a better ability to learn tomorrow!

A good amount of sleep at night has a positive effect on your baby. It is associated with a better attention span and more alertness and thus a better ability to learn.

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