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Picky eater? You're not alone.

2 mins to read Jul 6, 2021

Is your child a picky eater? Well, you are not alone.

It is important to first identify what a picky eater is. Picky eaters are those who will consume an inadequate variety of food through rejection of multiple different types of food that may or may not be familiar to them. It is usually in the case when the food is familiar to them that they face difficulty eating as much as they should because they have already tasted it and realized that they do not like it.

How do you know if your child is a picky eater or not?

Think of their eating habits. Does your little one always wants just plain pasta for dinner almost every night? Do they refuse to eat anything which is green? Toddlerhood by no means is easy. It is almost always the most challenging when it comes to setting up healthy eating habits for your child. Although, not all children are "picky eaters", but those who are, picky eating may show up around the time they turn 2 as they are going to start experiencing developmental changes and learn to become more independent.

Tips to help you deal with your picky eater:

Be a good role model and always be positive when serving food and show the kids how much you love food when you ask them to eat it.

Stick to a routine and schedule meals and avoid giving your child food between set times. If your child refuses to eat, have them sit at the table until most of the family has finished eating.

Keep the dining area clean and bright and avoid being a distraction for your child.

Be patient with new foods and don't offer sweets as a reward. Instead, offer them fruits, yogurt, or other healthy options as a reward.

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