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Probiotics and the Role they Play in Child Immunity


2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Q1: Why is strong immunity for children important at this age? What is the effect of nutrition on the immunity of your child's body?


Immunity is the body's protection. It defends and protects the body from viruses and bacteria.

Day after day, the child grows and begins to discover the world around him by touching and tasting everything he can get his hands on. This exposes him to bacteria, and we expect that a child gets sick about 8 to 12 times! It is therefore necessary that his immune system be strong to protect him from the germs, viruses and bacteria that expose him to disease.

So the way to protect children from diseases is through:

• Avoidance of unnecessary antibiotics.

• Staying away from cigarette smoke.

• Getting a good amount of sleep between 8-10 hours a day.

• Vaccination because the vaccine stimulates the immune system and therefore produces the antibodies that protect the child from disease when exposed to them.

• Proper nutrition.

Healthy food helps growth and helps promote the immune system. If nutrition is not sound during the early stages of his life, the results will be negative in the long term. The most important nutrients that build immunity are:

• Proteins that are essential for growth, tissue regeneration and the enzymes activity.

• Vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium, which protect cells from oxidation and protect children from a lot of germs and infections.

• Iron which is the main component of red cells as it helps to avoid anemia and protects against infections.

• Fats that are the source of concentrated energy for the body. Also considered as an essential holder of vitamins A, D, E and K in the body. The primary fatty acids play a role in building cells and enhances your child's immunity.

• Probiotics.

Q2: What are probiotics? What are their sources and how are they useful for children?


Probiotics consist of starchy materials that are not digested or absorbed in the gut, but remain intact in the digestive tract until they reach the thick gut, where they feed the beneficial bacteria that are naturally present in the intestines.

They are live yeasts that help:

• To strengthen and enhance your child's natural immunity, especially in the phase when he touches and tastes everything he sees, exposing him to a lot of germs.

• To enhance the digestive system's health and safety.

• To protect the digestive system from harmful bacteria.

• To protect children from frequent incidences of diarrhea.

• Some studies suggest that they may also work to protect children from some types of allergies.

• To increase the absorption of minerals and vitamins from the food.

• To relieve cases of lactose intolerance.

Probiotics are available in:

• Milk, fortified milk and infant cereal.

• Infant cereal meals are the perfect choice for the stage of weaning, as each meal provides the nutrients necessary for the child's healthy growth and sound development.

These meals come concentrated in a small serving size to fit the small size of the child's stomach. CERELAC® infant cereal from NESTLÉ contains Bifidus BL  and vitamins A and C and the minerals of zinc and iron, which work to strengthen natural immunity and ensure sound and healthy growth for your child.

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