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Teething Signs And Remedies

Learn About Baby Teething Symptoms And Common Soothing Remedies!

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Teething is one of the most important developmental milestones in a baby’s life. It often starts at the age of one and continues until the age of two.


On average, first baby teeth generally appear around 4 and 8 months old. But as with any other developmental milestone, every child develops at his own rate and your baby is most likely to start teething at the same age as you!


In most cases, teething is associated with gum swelling, pain and discomfort, along with several other symptoms, such as biting, drooling, gum rubbing, sucking, ear rubbing, face rash, lack of appetite, fever, sleeplessness, etc. It is to be noted that these symptoms can range in severity between children.  


If your child is suffering the consequences of these symptoms and is turning your life into long nights of acute crying, we advise you to follow these tips in order to soothe him and calm him down:


  • Damp a clean washcloth with cold water and place it in the freezer for around 30 minutes. The sensation of the cold cloth around the pain area will distract your child and give him comfort.
  • Clean your finger thoroughly and put it inside your child’s mouth to apply some pressure over his gum. This primitive method can put enough strain on your child’s swollen gum and soothe his discomfort.
  • Ask your child’s doctor about an over-the-counter teething gel with active ingredients that relieve pain and soothe babies.
  • If your child is around weaning age, prepare him some dry and crunchy cookies to bite on and provide much-needed pressure to his swollen gum.
  • Serve your baby cold foods to soothe his swollen and inflamed gum.
  • Use your finger or the back of a cold teaspoon to rub your baby’s gum, pressure it a bit and ease the pain and irritation.
  • Use a piece of wet and sterilized gauze to clean your baby’s gum and help his teeth grow healthily.
  • Offer your child extra love, affection and care and never underestimate the power of your kisses, touches and hugs in soothing his pains!


When your baby’s first teeth make their appearance, remember to schedule a first visit to the dentist so he can check your baby’s teeth and advise you on how to clean them, take care of them and protect them from decay and other related problems.


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