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Pregnancy Week 13

The start of your second trimester is the start of lots of new development milestones for your baby. Read more about this week.

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021


Lots of new developments this week. Your baby can fold his fingers, his mouth opens and closes and he just started swallowing - he can swallow amniotic fluid, which is absorbed by his digestive tract and excreted as urine through his kidneys, which are functioning beautifully as of not very long ago. His skin is started to manufacture melanin – it will be responsible for the pigmentation of his skin after he is born. His bones continue to form and his little skeleton is gradually coming together. He now weighs around 30g is about 7 cm in length from coccyx to crown. He is, of course, absolutely gorgeous!



Usually, by the end of the third month, all those little ‘discomforts’ of early pregnancy begin to fade and you should find yourself feeling pretty good. Take every opportunity to get outside, to enjoy some fresh air, even if all is not blue skies and bright sunshine. The suns’ rays filtering through the cloud layer helps in the synthesis of vitamin D, which both baby and you need (and your skin!).  Have you noticed your skin looking good? Pregnancy is often very good for the skin. Hormonal changes stimulate the metabolism, making your complexion seem healthier. Keep an eye out for brown spots on the forehead or cheeks, though. These harmless pigment spots will go away by themselves about three months after the birth. The claim that they reveal whether the baby will be a boy or a girl is an old wives’ tale!



It is quite possible for pregnant women to eat fish as part of a balanced diet, as it is an excellent source of protein and low in fat. However, some types of fish are to be avoided during pregnancy.

Some fish have highly concentrated levels of mercury, a pollutant to which the nervous system of the fetus is particularly sensitive as it develops. That’s why it is suggested that pregnant women do not consume the three following predatory fish at all: swordfish, marlin, and siki (from the shark family). However, the list of other fish to avoid contains some very common species: tuna, eel, bream, monkfish, skate, and mullet. Check with your doctor to be sure.



Maternity clothes are probably something you have managed without so far. And there might still be time before you need more breathing room in your waistbands. It can’t hurt to have a look around ahead of time and perhaps go shopping with a friend. One thing to buy now are some comfortable support bras, with adjustable straps if possible. Because your breasts are still growing, there should be nothing to constrict you or pinch you. You might want to wait a little while before getting a “proper” pregnancy or breastfeeding bra. In a few weeks’ time, you might need a larger size thanks to your rapidly developing baby!

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