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Pregnancy Week 32

Your baby is still developing as you head into the final lap but it’s mostly perfecting and polishing from here on out. He or she is getting ready to meet you!

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021


Her bones are nearly 100% finished and her nails are in place in her little fingers. Very soon her skin will lose its redness and become that lovely newborn baby pink. Her adrenal glands are enormous for the moment – the size of those of a teenager! They secrete steroid-like hormones, including cortisol, (natural cortisone) in impressive amounts, more than 10 times that of a normal adult. Cortisol plays an important role - not only to help induce labour when the time comes, but also to help mature organs such as the lungs. After birth, her adrenal glands will decrease dramatically and be    proportional to the size of your baby.




Have you found that your digestive system is working more slowly lately? Once again, you can direct a big thank you toward your hormones. Help your bowels to function better and improve your general feeling of wellbeing by eating dried fruit and other foods rich in fibre. The end is in sight! From now on there will be an antenatal check-up every two weeks. This helps to ensure that everything is exactly as it should be with your little one.




Here you are still pregnant and we’re already urging you to prepare for after childbirth! Sorry, but this is a great time to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins you need in your diet. Your baby’s delicate skin will be put to the test both during and after birth as it will no longer be protected by the amniotic fluid. Vitamins are not stored and require daily intake in the diet – and when you breastfeed your baby, he’ll get all the nutrients he and his skin need from you. The quantities required are covered by a normal, varied and balanced diet. A good rule of thumb: The more colourful your food (naturally colourful!), the more vitamins you take in.




You’ve probably been wondering what you actually need for your baby. Good question!

As far as clothes are concerned, you will need five to seven bodysuits, tops and sleep-suits. Babies tend to bring up their milk quite often at the beginning! In addition, you might need one or two little cotton caps, a sleeping bag and cardigans, rain/snowsuits and hats according to the season. On top of this, equipment for sleeping, bathing, changing nappies, eating and playing among those first basic items, though you will definitely be her favourite toy at first. You will also need a little stock of toiletries so that your little one is nice and neat right from the beginning.

A little tip: babies outgrow their clothes really quickly – they don’t stay tiny for long! So don’t buy too much. Don’t forget a baby-seat for the car. You’ll need one when the proud dad brings you both home from the hospital.

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