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Pregnancy Week 40

Time’s up! If he hasn’t already, your baby will arrive in the next few days. If he doesn’t come out voluntarily, your doctor might give him a little nudge. And then you will be a mother at last! Read more about this week.

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021


This will be the shortest “Baby Development” paragraph of all time – your baby is ready to be born! No new developments, nothing going on but each of you waiting for the big event. Don’t worry if

your baby doesn’t want to leave your cosy womb after the 40th week. Only a very small number of babies are born on the exact, calculated due date. First-born children especially can be a bit late. Your baby is allowed to rest for up to 14 days before your doctor induces the birth!



This is the last “official” week of pregnancy. Did you know that birth is just as much a real physical achievement for the baby as for the mother? Your child plays an important role by kicking against the uterus and birth canal, and twisting her body around so cleverly that it slowly “screws” its way out of your body. In a stroke of smart design, your baby’s two cranial bones have not yet grown together and so can press together during birth. The gaps between the bones in your little love’s head only close about 18 months after the birth.




Nothing given, but:


You have been eating so well for the past nine months, eating for two but also to promote good health for you and your baby. Though those are great habits to keep, don’t forget to give yourself a treat or two this week. You’ve earned the right! We aren’t suggesting that you go crazy, but if you fancy an ice cream or some chocolate, what better time to indulge your craving but now? Enjoy!




Immediately after the birth, most midwives will lay the baby on your front, where he or she will feel comfortable despite the new surroundings because they can feel your warmth, smell your skin and recognise your voice and heartbeat! This is a great time to put your baby onto your naked skin and to your breast so they can feel you and suckle for the first time. Then you can finally hold your longed-for darling in your arms after all that hard work. What a fabulous pay-off!


Congratulations and best wishes in your new life

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