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Weird Pregnancy Facts No One Tells You About!

What You Don't Know About Being Pregnant!

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Pregnancy is a wonderful and unique experience, but not everything related to it is wonderful and unique, because along the huge changes it does to a mother’s body and the deep spiritual connection it fosters between a mother and her baby, pregnancy has strange and unusual aspects that you can’t find in books and no one takes the risk to tell you about.


Here are the most common and weirdest aspects of them all:


  • During the second half of pregnancy, the fetus urinates an average of one liter of fluids every day. But, how a mother’s body is going to get rid of this huge amount of urine? Actually, it doesn’t have to. It will keep them in the womb and the baby will swallow them all.
  • In the course of pregnancy, a mother’s taste buds and sense of smell will heighten to help her avoid the types of pollutants which may not affect adults but will surely affect small fetuses, according to researchers and scientists.
  • Almost all mothers will continue to experience contractions for the first few days after birth, as contractions and muscle cramps are the body’s way to stop heavy blood loss.
  • A pregnant woman is not supposed to eat for two to be able to give birth to a healthy child. She just needs to enrich her daily diet with extra 300 calories which are equal to one serving of yogurt and half a slice of bread.
  • A woman’s feet may increase in size when expecting. Their width may also change because of extra fluids and kilograms, and because of the softening of her ligaments and joints in preparation for childbirth, which in turn can have complications on her feet arches and form.
  • The blood flow increases in a woman’s body during pregnancy, causing her nosebleeds and bleeding gums from time to time.
  • A mother can poop without noticing during delivery, and that’s because the muscles responsible of pushing the baby outside the uterus are the ones responsible of pooping or passing stools.
  • The likelihood of multiple births increases among tall or obese mothers.
  • Husbands of expecting women may increase in weight. They may also experience different pregnancy symptoms from morning sickness to abdominal cramps. This condition is commonly known as Sympathetic Pregnancy Syndrome.


What do you think about these pregnancy facts? Do you find them weird enough or you have some even weirder ones to share with us?


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