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Does a mother's diet and actions determine her child's gender?

Mother's Diet And Baby's Gender

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Are you a mother of 3 boys who would like to conceive the baby girl you’ve always dreamt of, or are you a newlywed woman who would like her first baby to be a boy? In either case, today’s scientific researches and factual experiences confirm that some things are directly involved in determining a child’s gender. But, are there effective ways to increase the odds of having a baby either way? And what is the role of a mother’s nutrition in predetermining the sex of her infant?


Before we look into the ways that influence the sex of a baby, we intend to explain to you first the process of gender determination from a scientific point of view: During fertilization, the father’s sperm cells enter the mother’s vagina, attach to the egg that carries X chromosome and fertilize it. If a sperm with X chromosome fertilizes the egg, the offspring will be a female with XX chromosomes. But, if the sperm holds Y chromosome, then the resulting egg is XY thus a male. In sum, we must say that the DNA of the father is the one that determines the baby gender.


Now that you know about the DNA basics and its role in determining the sex of the baby, take a look at the methods that a mother could apply in order to increase her chances of conceiving a boy or a girl, knowing that any of these methods is not scientifically proven even though it was mentioned in many medical references.


To conceive a girl, a mother should:

  • Have sex with the father two days or three days before the ovulation, so that the female sperm cells can stay inside her for a longer period of time.
  •  Abstain from having sex with the father 1-2 days before ovulation and two days afterwards, so that the faster-swimming male sperms won’t get the chance to meet the egg before the female ones.
  • Use shallow penetration sex position to keep sperms away from the uterus.
  • Avoid reaching orgasm that may turn the vagina into an alkaline environment that favors male sperms.
  • Follow a diet rich in Calcium, Magnesium and high acidic foods such as corn, blueberries and most kinds of meat.


To conceive a boy, a mother should:

  • Have sex during or before ovulation, so that the faster-swimming male sperms can get the chance to meet and fertilize the egg first.
  •  Consider deep penetration sex that may give sperms the chance to get to the nearest point to the uterus that is an alkaline environment.
  • Achieve sexual orgasm that can reduce the acidity level in her vagina and give male sperms a better chance to survive.
  • Follow a diet rich in Potassium, Sodium and other kinds of foods that can make the vagina a more alkaline environment, like salt, bananas, carrots and almonds.


What do you think of these methods? Would you attempt to use them while planning for pregnancy or would you prefer not to follow unproven theories and choose instead the scientific techniques that can be utilized in some particular situations, like PGD and the process of sperm sorting like the one used in IVF? Please share your opinions with us on our website.


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