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What To Feed A Teething Baby?

Best Nutrition To Give A Teething Baby..

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Babies experience lots of discomforts when their first teeth appear, and mothers find it difficult to choose the right food for them while they are in this condition or this phase. But, it seems that mothers are missing the fact that teething babies are ready to chew on anything and accept any food that can calm them down and reduce their symptoms. As a matter of fact, giving babies the types of foods that will make their pain, swelling and itching go away, can be an excellent alternative to pain relievers, as they can put an end to their aches and hunger at the same time, with no or few side effects.


So what are the top kinds of foods for baby’s teething phase? Read on the details…


It is important that you offer your child hard food that he can bite and chew, like carrots, bread and crackers. And it’s even more important that you keep him under your supervision while feeding him this type of nutrition that can easily be turned into a source of choking hazard.


Moreover, try to serve your baby chilled food as much as he can bear, to help him outgrow the pain, discomfort, inflammation, and itching he’s feeling in his gum. If you want, you can put your child’s puree in the fridge long time before you feed it to him. The low temperature will reduce the inflammation of the gum. The same goes for the yogurt and the juices.


It’s true that the coldness is effective and beneficial in reducing teething distress, yet we advise you not to offer your baby ice cubes or ice chips, as they might have a great impact on his sensitive gum and growing teeth, and we ask you to substitute them with a chilled pacifier or a teething ring.


And while trying to follow the above mentioned instructions, stop breastfeeding your baby, as the sucking movement can push the blood flow towards the inflamed and swollen parts of his mouth and make his pain and discomforts worse. Try as well not to feed your baby warm and high sugary foods, as warm foods can worsen his symptoms and sugary foods can negatively affect his first teeth and cause them to fall earlier.


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