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When do I stop breastfeeding and know that it is full

Over time, you will get more understanding. All the more hunger, you will shout with a certain voice, you will know it, and on the scream more and more in an attempt to it, you are thinking that he is hungry. In this article, we will tell you when you know that he was hungry before the screaming hysteria and my nation stops because it is the fullness of satiety 

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

From the first to be born for up to 4 months

Signs of hunger

- Hadi remains relatively and his eyes move quickly as if trying to absorb what is happening around. 
- Helve you head quickly and opens its water. The first thing that you try is to put the tip of your finger in its water. 
- He could sit sucking in his fingers and squeeze his lip. 
- If you do not respond to all these signs, you will start to feel annoyed, shout and scream. 

Signs of satiety

He will lose interest in breastfeeding in a clear way.
- It will not remain a hold in your chest.
- He will calm and relax completely and may sleep. 

From the first 4 to the first year  

Signs of hunger

Often, you will always begin to understand him and understand the signs of hunger, I rely more on your instinct and your sense. 
- He will start sucking in his arms, so he can dedicate himself to the inconvenience. 
- You will be familiar and uncomfortable to some extent. Take care that he is hungry.
- He will start breastfeeding the first time you start and can stand moments and then return to eat again. 
- When he wins, she starts wearing rigid. 

Signs of satiety 

- In general, in Sindh, Al-Bayda reaches Al-Shabaa after 5 to 10 minutes.
- Bichel is his master and keeps his head away.
- He does not care about the salvation that completes breastfeeding.
- He is completely relaxed and relaxed and can sleep.

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