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0-6 months

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Infant Developmental Milestones

Baby Development: 0-6 Months

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

During the first six months of life, babies grow and develop incredible new skills.


Although every one of them has a unique pace, some baby growth milestones are considered major and must be accomplished in this very early stage.


Listed below are some of the developmental milestones your baby should be reaching by 6 months:

First Month:

  • Responds to voices
  • Gazes at faces
  • Perceives black and white patterns
  • Lifts his head
  • Tracks moving objects
  • Able to smile and laugh

Second Month:

  • Holds his head up for short periods
  • Makes sounds
  • Smiles back to others
  • Moves smoothly

Third Month:

  • Makes eye contact
  • Recognizes your face, smell and voice
  • Able to lift his head and shoulders
  • Turns to high-pitched sounds
  • Holds hands together and grabs toys
  • Rolls over

Fourth Month:

  • Able to lift his head and hold it firm
  • Able to grab toys
  • Imitates sounds
  • Babbles when you talk to him

Fifth Month:

  • Plays with his hands and feet
  • Responds to new sounds
  • Responds to his name
  • Sits on his own for a short while
  • Puts things in his mouth
  • Fears strangers

Sixth Month:

  • Turns to sounds
  • Imitates sounds
  • Rolls over on both sides
  • Sits without support
  • Grabs things and brings them to his mouth
  • Starts crawling
  • May pull things towards him
  • Enjoys his own reflection in the mirror

To help your little munchkin reach these developmental milestones, make sure to spend enough time playing with him, singing and reading to him, bonding with him and showering him with love and affection. These activities, simple as they may sound, yet critical for children’s growth and skill development!


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