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Infant Toys For 0-6 Months

What Are The Best Baby Toys For Ages 0 To 6 Months?

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Toys are very important part of childhood now-a-days.


They come in different types and shapes to help babies of different ages and stages of development build their skills and have the best opportunity to learn through play.


That said, we advise you to pay special attention to the toys you choose for your baby throughout his development.

Check out this list of best baby toys for 0-6 months old and get inspired!

Toys for birth to 3 months old:

  • Soft toys to stimulate a baby’s sense of touch.
  • Black and white contrasting toys.
  • Touch-and-feel toys of different textures allowing a baby to explore his surroundings.
  • Toys that stimulate a baby’s sense of sight, such as moving toys and light-up toys.
  • Activity playmats to encourage baby to move and develop his physical abilities and motility skills, in addition to bouncy toys and stationary activity centers.
  • Rattles, toy bells, mobile phones, soft cubes and hand-held noisy toys to improve a baby’s ability to hear.

Toys for 3 to 6 months old:

  • In addition to toys mentioned above, teething toys of various textures.
  • Musical toys and instruments to improve baby’s hearing skills.
  • Colorful board books to improve a baby’s ability to hear.
  • Dolls and soft stuffed animals to stimulate the sense of touch and help baby relax and drift off to sleep.


When choosing the right toys for your baby, make sure they all meet safety requirements and standards and don’t put him at any risk!


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