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PLAYING: 9 أنشطة وألعاب لتطوير دماغ الطفل الرضيع

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Ways To Stimulate Newborns Brain Development

Encourage Your Baby's Cognitive Development With Play!

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Experts suggest that providing an infant with appropriate stimulation for his brain or more accurately the electrical connections in his brain, from affectionate cuddles and hugs to an environment rich with colors, sounds, movement, activities and games, has a dramatic effect on building intelligence and triggering cognitive and mental development.


In this article, we will look into the part related to games and activities and we will provide you with fun and easy things to do with your 0-6 month baby:


  • Put your baby in your lap and rock him rhythmically while you talk or sing to him.
  • Play some soft music, clap your hands or snap your fingers; in brief, make unusual sounds in different positions around your infant’s head.
  • Hold your baby tight against you and slowly dance with him to soothing rhythms.
  • Hold your baby in your arms; Look deep into his eyes and let him look back at you, as you say his name or make different facial expressions, like raising eyebrows, sticking-out tongue, smiling, etc.
  • Play with your baby games requiring simple hand movements, like Peek-a-boo. Babies this age respond greatly to simple sequential games.
  • Show your baby a toy, then change this toy’s location and put it out of his sight. If he looks around to find it, give it to him. Hug him to show that you are pleased and happy.
  • Move your baby’s legs in slow circular/ pedaling motions, as you talk or sing to him and encourage him to wiggle his legs on his own.
  • Put your baby in your lap and read to him books full of colors and pictures.
  • Place your baby on his back, then hold a colorful sound-making toy above his chest so he can try to grab it and get it close to him.


While these activities may seem very simple to you, they are quite stimulating and effective at enhancing babies 0 to 6 month cognitive/ intellectual development, try them out and you will thank us!


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