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Maternity leave and pay checklist

It might seem a while away, but once you’ve made your pregnancy announcement, it’s a good idea to begin maternity leave preparations and find out if you’re entitled to maternity pay. Here’s a maternity leave checklist to help.

2 mins to read Mar 31, 2021
  • Tell your boss your big news. It may vary depending on where you live, but you normally need to let them know by week 25 at the latest.
  • Find out if there’s anyone else you need to tell at work. In some companies there are HR reps who can help.
  • Ask for a risk assessment in your workplace, things like your workstation and posture may be looked at, as well as exposure to any chemicals.
  • Ask your healthcare provider (HCP) about when to get a maternity certificate. The timing and process may vary in different countries and with different HCPs.
  • Ask your HCP how the maternity certificate works and who to show it to.
  • Think about how long to take off before baby arrives—you may be able to start your maternity leave before your baby is born, depending on which country you’re in.
  • Consider how long to take off after baby arrives—there may be a minimum amount of time required, depending on where you live in the world and what you do as a job.
  • Work out how much maternity leave is affordable based on maternity pay available.  
  • Compare how much daycare will cost versus your salary.
  • Consider when the best end date for work is. 
  • Think about when the best return date to work is.
  • Speak to colleagues who have been on maternity leave before for advice.
  • Ask about any return to work bonuses that may be offered. 
  • Consider paternity leave and shared leave, if it’s available where you live. 
  • Check eligibility for shared leave. If it’s limited, how about dad settles baby into daycare for two weeks so mom can ease back into work smoothly?
  • Ask about keeping-in-touch days, or ‘KIT’ days, if your work offers them.
  • Now you’ve got that admin out of the way, you can reward yourself with a fun task—baby names?! See our checklist for ideas. 
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