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Give Your Baby’s Immunity A Boost With These Tips!

Immune System Boosters

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

A healthy immune system is a perfectly good way to prevent diseases and infections. 


Your baby comes into contact with millions of germs every day, and the regular vaccinations he gets cover only 1% of these germs, and so you are asked to boost his immunity with every possible natural way so his body will be better prepared to defend itself against illness. 


The most important ways are the following:

  • Make sure to breastfeed your baby for the longest period possible, as your milk contains probiotics that colonise your baby’s gut and provide it with all the necessary means to resist infections and diseases, in addition to other beneficial nutrients.
  • If breastfeeding is impossible for one reason or another, ask your doctor about the possibility of replacing your milk with an infant formula that is full of minerals, vitamins, essential nutrients for growth and immunity, as well as probiotics. Given that the major role of probiotic bacteria is to improve the immune system’s function by reducing the number of IgA plasma cells, increasing the phagocytosis rate, raising levels of T white cells and natural killer cells, in addition to treating diarrhea and boosting gut’s immunity and ability to fight illnesses.
  • In addition to milk, provide your baby with a variety of age-appropriate foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals proven to improve body’s defense against viruses and germs. Examples of these foods include: carrots, beans, yogurt and lean meats.    
  • Make sure your baby is getting enough sleep every day, for research has proven that lack of sleep negatively affects the immunity of both children and adults.  
  • Ask the doctor about the possibility or the necessity of giving your child essential vitamin supplements to strengthen his immunity, like Omega 3 acids, Zinc, vitamins A and C.
  • Make sure your home is a safe and healthy environment for your baby, meaning: it’s free from contaminated foodstuffs, cigarette smoke and chemicals like those found in pesticides and detergents. Chemicals can be toxic or harmful to the body and its ability to resist infections.
  • Avoid giving your baby antibiotics for the wrong reasons as in the case of viral diseases and infections, so his immunity won’t get affected by diarrhea, rash, allergy, lack of appetite, abdominal pain, slackness, bloating, indigestion, etc. 


In addition to all the foregoing, remember to show your baby love and affection, massage him and make him laugh, hug him and kiss him whenever you get the chance. Love and care are indisputably the best support for the immune system!!


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