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How To Help Your Kid Eat More Fruits And Veggies?

Proven Ways To Get Toddlers To Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months and continued breastfeeding for as long as possible. Growing up milks are formulated to meet nutrition needs of healthy young children older than 1 year and should not be fed to infants.


As you certainly know, fruits and vegetables are packed with much goodness and health benefits, and getting your little munchkin to eat a colorful variety of these foods will help you supply his body with vitamins and other nutrient needs.


It’s true that toddlers and vegetables or fruits rarely mix, but there’s no need to fight with your tot to get him to eat and enjoy more of this important food group. The following tips will do the trick!

  • If your child refuses to eat any type of vegetables, try sliding it in a new recipe, cooking it in a different way or giving it a new taste twist (by serving it along with onion and garlic for instance).
  • If your child refuses to eat any type of fruits, serve it up differently or cut it into fun appealing shapes.
  • Add vegetables to your child’s soups, stews and meat dishes. If he doesn’t seem to like them in chunks, try grating them instead.
  • Let your child pick the fruit he wants to eat. Giving him the choice between two options will definitely get his attention and let him feel he’s in control.
  • Make popsicles out of pureed fruit and serve them as a healthy dessert on hot summer days.
  • Fill your freezer with fruits that you can opt for when you run out of fresh fruits.
  • Make healthy delicious smoothies by blending different types of fruits (and veggies like spinach for example) with yogurt or milk.
  • Involve your tot in shopping for food and preparing meals, so he becomes more familiar with healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables.
  • Incorporate some types of fruits like bananas and berries in your pastries and sweets, such as pancakes, waffles and cupcakes.
  • Add a handful of fresh or dried fruits to your child’s snack of yogurt or breakfast cereals.
  • Keep high-calorie snacks, such as candies, potato chips and sweets, out of your child’s sight.


Last but not least, be a good role model. Toddlers like to imitate their mommy and daddy in all they do and tend even to model their eating habits. So, if you reach for lots of fruits and veggies, your little one will likely take them too!


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