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When Do Babies Walk?

Developmental Milestone: Walking

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Are you eager to see your baby taking his first steps and handclap for his big achievement, but you don’t know when to expect this to happen? Read on to find out when your little munchkin will be ready to walk…

You must have heard about babies who began walking at around 6 months, but you probably didn’t hear much that the majority of babies including yours, take much more time to stand on their feet and make their first wobbly steps.

As a matter of fact, most babies’ first attempts to walk happen sometime between 9 and 18 months, and require many key skills and developmental milestones.

Learning to walk starts at an early stage of development and progresses with tummy time; spending time on the tummy can develop a baby’s capacity to control his head and neck muscles, roll over and sit down without assistance.

At around 7 months old, most babies start crawling and pulling themselves up until they’re able to stand on their own between 9 and 12 months of age.

After the standing stage, babies may try to take some steps while leaning onto objects and furniture, getting ready for the final stage which is the stage of independent walking.

Note that it’s quite normal for a child to take a few weeks to master a new skill before moving to another. Yet not all children follow the same timeline or develop at the same pace. Some babies skip the crawling stage altogether while others crawl for few months then suddenly stand up and walk.

Walking is not only about essential motor skills, but also about a child’s personality which gives him the confidence and courage to move around and explore.


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