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Diaper changing routine

You’re going to do a lot of diaper changing over the next few months, so here’s a helpful diaper-changing routine. Check it off and make every diaper change smooth like your baby’s bottom.

1 min to read Mar 31, 2021
  • Gather everything you need before you start: Changing mat; clean towel; clean diaper; cotton balls; cooled boiled water (to dip the cotton balls in) or fragrance- and alcohol-free wipes; barrier cream. 
  • Place the towel on the changing mat, lie your baby on the towel.
  • If you’re using a changing table, keep your eyes on baby all the time—they can wriggle a lot.
  • Singing or chatting to your baby can help to soothe and calm them.
  • Undo the dirty diaper. If it’s full, use it to remove most of the mess.
  • Clean your baby’s bottom with the wet cotton balls or wipes. Wipe front to back for a girl, back to front for a boy.
  • Pat your baby’s bottom dry with the towel.
  • Gently lift your baby’s legs with one hand and put the clean diaper (with the tabs at the back) under their bottom with the other.
  • Apply a barrier cream if your baby’s bottom looks red or sore.
  • Fold the front of the diaper up to baby’s waist and fasten the tabs on the sides.
  • Wash and moisturize your hands after every diaper change.
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