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When Do Babies Roll Over?

Baby Milestone: Rolling Over

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Rolling over is baby’s first developmental milestone towards mobility and he typically reaches it when he’s about four months old, knowing that a sooner or later timing is quite normal and possible.


At the start, baby tries to roll over from tummy to back, by simply using his little hands to push himself up the bed and do the movement. As for the reverse back to tummy maneuver, baby often picks it up by 5 or 6 months, which means a month after he learns his first roll.


A baby may begin rolling side to side during tummy times whereas he naturally attempts to use his forearms and lift his head and shoulders up. This movement helps build strength in the muscles needed to move around or roll over.

If your little one has seemingly no interest in rolling, motivate him; Put some of his toys nearby so he can try reach for them whilst on his belly, or lie next to him and encourage him to flip in your direction.

If by 6 month old your child is still not interested in moving or rolling over, talk to the doctor about it. But don’t be alarmed and bethink you that it’s normal for infants now-a-days to experience a delay in rolling over, as they spend most of their time lying on their backs, being the best position for babies to sleep and be safe from SIDS.


Last but not least, stay alert and keep close watch over your child; don’t leave him on the bed or the changing table without an adult supervision, as soon as you notice he’s trying to roll over. Because you will never know when he’s going to succeed and do it for the first time!!


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