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Understanding Baby Hiccups

It Is Normal For My Newborn To Hiccup All The Time?

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Just like adults, babies also get hiccups; some of them even experience the hiccups before they’re born.

Frequent hiccups in newborns and infants are sudden irregular contractions of the underdeveloped diaphragm. Some of them last for a few minutes, some others last up to an hour or so. In either case, hiccups are not a cause for concern.

In babies under a year old, persistent hiccups are triggered by a full stomach, taking too much air while feeding and sudden temperature changes; these are all external factors that can put a pressure on the diaphragm muscles causing them to contract.

Persistent hiccups can also be influenced by the diet of mothers during breastfeeding, especially if it includes certain types of food like eggs, wheat, citrus fruits and chocolate.

Acid reflux may be another trigger for infant hiccups. In this case, the doctor will have to intervene and help parents manage their baby’s critical condition.

We know it bothers you to see your baby hiccupping all the time. But there’s nothing you can do but wait out; the traditional folk remedies for this uncomfortable behavior, like breath-holding and taking a spoonful of sugar are not ideal for newborns and infants.

If you’re worried that hiccups may be bothering your baby as much as they’re bothering you, you can try breastfeeding him to help his diaphragm relax or burping him to help the trapped air escape from his stomach. Most importantly, don’t freak out! Your little one’s hiccups will stop on their own pretty soon!


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