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Exercises For Your Growing Baby

Active Baby - Baby Exercises

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education in the United States recommends that infants and toddlers engage in regular exercise and physical activity for a daily average of 60 minutes per day.


To prove it, we’ve put together some simple workouts that you can do with your baby to support his growth:


  • Hold your baby’s feet and gently pull his legs towards him then towards his nose.
  • Place your baby on his back, grab his little hands and stretch his arms backwards then forwards, crossed over his chest. Repeat this exercise 5 times.
  • Grasp your baby’s feet, one foot in each hand and lift them up as if you’re about to change his diaper. Then, slowly separate between his legs to make a V-shape. Go back to the first position and repeat the exercise.
  • Hold your baby’s arms and move them up and down, then right and left.
  • Take your infant’s feet, one foot in each hand and gently move them in a circular pedaling motion.
  • While your baby is in supine position, help him flip from front to back then from back to front.
  • Lift your baby swiftly into the air while you firmly support his tummy.
  • Take your infant’s hands and gradually pull him from a sitting to a standing position, whilst keeping his back straight. Then gradually get your baby back to the sitting position. Repeat this exercise four times.


Those were few physical exercises you can apply to your baby from age 6 to 12 months. Try them out and you will notice their positive impact on his growth and energy level!


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