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Tips To Get Your Teething Baby To Sleep

How To Handle Teething And Sleeping?

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Teething is an important milestone in every baby’s life. But, not all babies react to the process the same way. While some are quite sensitive and experience pain with the eruption of every tooth, others sail through teething with minimal discomfort.


If your little munchkin is a particularly sensitive teether, he will likely suffer pain for 2 to 3 days whenever a tooth breaks through.


For this period of time, you should try to soothe your baby’s discomfort with teething toys and cool food during the day. But, in the evening, we advise you to follow these guidelines on how to manage teething pain and help infants relax and sleep all night long:

  • Offer your baby soft food like pasta, pureed veggies/ fruits or ready-to-serve baby food for the last meal of the day. Hard and rough food can affect your child’s sore gum and prevent him from sleeping.
  • Rub your baby’s gum with teething gels to numb it for few hours and give your little one the comfort he needs to sleep; and that’s only after consulting the doctor.
  • Make your home calm and comfortable for your baby at all times, especially during the evening. Calmness is sure to create the ideal and perfect environment for sleep.
  • Close the curtains in your baby’s room, keep the lights dim and the temperature at a comfortable level, to help your tot relax and get in the mood for sleeping.
  • Don’t cover your baby with lots of blankets, as too much warmth can make sleep difficult.
  • Do your best to follow your baby’s usual sleep routine, especially if he wakes up frequently throughout the night or has trouble falling asleep.
  • Ask the doctor about pain relievers you can give your child in the hour or half hour leading up to bedtime, to soothe his gum inflammation and pain and help him sleep better.


In addition to these steps, keep your child under your close supervision, run to him when he wakes up at night crying from pain and try to calm him down with a word, a soothing song or a gentle pat.


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