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Tips And Tricks To Give Medicine To Babies

How Can I Get My Baby To Take His Medications?

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Your baby is sick and needs a daily dose of medication? Don’t worry, it’s not gonna be complicated and it won’t require from you more than a “spoon of sugar” as the song says and a bunch of creative tricks to help you complete the task with least possible damage:


  • Stay positive and try to draw a gentle smile on your face every time you want to give your child his medicine. Try to talk to him about it as if it is an exciting and enjoyable experience.
  • Whereas the same medication can have different forms and tastes, try your best to choose the taste that is closest to your child’s preference.
  • Let your baby’s head rest in the bend of your elbow. And with the same hand, surround his cheek and use your forefinger to elevate the corner of his mouth and make a small pocket in his cheek. With your other hand, try to drop the medication slowly in that same pocket. Keep on holding your baby the same way that keeps his mouth open and his head supported, until you’re confident a successful swallow has been completed.
  • If your child is spitting a lot, ask the doctor about the possibility of giving him a chewable tablet. Then, crush the chewable tablet between two spoons and add water to it in order to make a paste that you put inside your baby’s cheek and can be easily swallowed.
  • Try to dissolve the medication pill in a small amount of milk or juice, in a way to disguise its bad taste.
  • Use the dropper or the special plastic measuring spoon, to make it easier on you to drop the liquid medicine in either sides of your baby’s mouth, particularly between the cheek and the gum, at rear side.
  • Make sure to avoid the sensitive areas of your child’s mouth where taste buds lie, i.e. the front and middle parts of the tongue, the roof of the mouth and the back of the tongue.


Those were our simple tricks to persuade babies to take their medications, hope you will try them out and find them very helpful. And don’t forget to share your views and opinions on our website.


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