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Ways To Get Your Baby To Sleep!

How To Make Babies Sleep?

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

If you’re reading this post, that’s either because you’re a sleepless mother searching for effective strategies to help her baby sleep and stay asleep, or because you’re a mother of a 6 month-old looking for a routine that will organize her baby’s relaxation time into daytime naps and night sleep.


In either case, let’s make sure you’re in the right place and you find the perfect sleep routine for your little munchkin:


  • Let your child’s daytime be bright and his nighttime dark, for darkness is known to stimulate the brain to produce melatonin, often called sleep hormone.
  • Install a dimmer switch in your infant’s room and use it to lower the lights in the evening or 2 hours before bedtime, to help your little one relax.
  • Put your baby to sleep, drowsy but awake. Make sure his bed is warm especially during winter; the touch of cold sheets and blankets might awaken him and cause him discomfort.
  • Incorporate activities and movements throughout your baby’s day. But in the evening, switch to more soothing activities to help him wind down and reach the end of the day exhausted, yet in the mood for a good sleep.
  • Give your baby a bath before putting him into his bed. Some babies sleep longer after an evening bath.
  • Make sure the final part of your baby’s routine consists of his favorite activity and takes place in his room, so that he develops positive sleep associations.
  • Use a fan or another white noise device to mask the small noises around your baby and help him fall asleep.
  • Make sure your baby gets enough nutrition throughout the day. The feeling of fullness will help him sleep all night long.
  • Cover your baby with a lightweight sheet or blanket to keep him warm and comfortable.
  • Repeat the same activities and try lining them up in the same order every day.


In addition to all these measures, remember not to turn on the lights for your baby or take him to a well-lit room if he wakes up crying in the middle of the night; the shift from dark to light stimulates the brain to stay awake.


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