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What Do Babies Sleep In?

Here's What Your Baby Should Wear To Sleep!

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

To create a safe sleep environment for your baby and help him get enough of nourishing sleep, make sure to keep him warm and rested, following safety standards adopted by international organizations and associations concerned with pediatrics.


On top of these standards lie the basics of dressing the baby and putting him into bed. Read on for more details:


  • Choose for your baby the type of clothes that will keep him warm without a blanket, and fit perfectly his size so it won’t be loose around the neck, arms and feet.
  • Dress your baby in a one-piece sleep outfit. Make sure it is made of lightweight fabric for better air circulation and has an easy front zipper opening.
  • Every time you want to put your baby in his bed, think of yourself and what can make you feel comfortable, and try to apply it on your child.
  • Don’t put any hat on your infant’s head while sleeping, so that his temperature won’t rise and suffocate him.
  • If you want, you can cover your baby’s little hands with a pair of cotton gloves to prevent him from scratching himself. Don’t hesitate to remove the gloves once you feel your infant’s body temperature has changed.
  • During cold weather, think of dressing your baby with more than one layer of size-appropriate clothes, to keep him warm and give you the option to remove a layer or add another depending on temperature changes.
  • Do not dress your baby in tight clothes that are not appropriate for his age, as this type of outfits can affect his blood circulation and prevent him from having comfortable sleep.
  • If you choose to swaddle your baby, you better do it with a light cotton fabric. Make sure not to cover your little one’s head, ears or chin, not to block his feet, not to pull the cover too tight around his chest and waist, so you won’t cause him a breathing difficulty.


In addition to the comfortable appropriate clothing, remember to put your infant to sleep on his back, in his own bed that has a firm mattress and is empty from blankets, pillows, puppets and toys, and in a room temperature that doesn’t exceed 21 degrees!


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