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11 Tips For A Calm Baby Bath Time!

How Can You Make Bathtime Less Traumatic For Your Baby?

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Baby’s first baths are quite overwhelming and can make you feel uncomfortable and apprehensive, especially if you’re a first-time mom.


Here’s how to make your child’s bath time an enjoyable soothing experience for both of you!


  • Choose a quiet area, like the bathroom, the bedroom or the kitchen and keep it warm till your baby’s bath time.
  • Prepare everything you need before you actually start. You will need: shampoo, soap, cotton balls, towel, diaper, clean clothes, body lotion, etc.
  • Next to preparations, fill the bathtub with warm water ranging between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius. Always test the water temperature, using your elbow or your wrist.
  • Make sure the amount of water in the bathtub doesn’t exceed 8 cm. Always mix the water with your hand before you start, to prevent cold or hot spots.
  • Put the diaper change mat on the bed and cover it with a towel.
  • Place your baby on the towel and undress him down to his diaper, then wrap him in the towel so he won’t catch a cold.
  • Put your baby on your knees, wrapped in his towel. Use a soft cotton ball soaked in purified water to clean his face, ears, eyes and neck, paying extra attention to all the little folds under his chin and neck.
  • Place your baby again on the towel and remove his diaper. Then, lift his legs carefully to clean his butt and genitals.
  • Unwrap your baby and hold him firmly while you support the upper part of his back with your forearm so he won’t slip.
  • Wash your baby’s hair and body with baby shampoo and cleanser.
  • Lift your baby out of the bath and wrap him with his towel. After you’ve thoroughly yet gently dried him, rub his skin with baby lotion before dressing him in a new diaper and clean clothes.


And last but not least, make sure you baby’s bath time is comforting and predictable, by following a regular routine!


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