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Helping Your Baby with Reflux Sleep!

Reflux And Sleep

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Acid reflux is one of the most normal and common conditions among newborns and infants, and is usually due to an immature lower esophageal sphincter that allows milk in the stomach to flow backwards into the esophagus and mouth, causing spitting up or vomiting.    


Fortunately, acid reflux is a temporary problem as most of its cases disappear as baby grows older and his digestive system develops.


But until then, the symptoms of this condition and its resulting discomfort may prevent your baby from going into deep sleep for longer periods. And to help you deal with this matter, here is an enlist of useful and efficient tips and instructions: 

  • Make sure your baby stays in a straight position for 20 to 30 minutes after breastfeeding so he can have enough time to digest your breast milk or the anti-reflux infant formula that is easy to digest thanks to its unique composition of starch as a thickening agent to prevent stomach content from flowing backwards into the esophagus and mouth, whey as a predominant protein to speed up digestion and gastric emptying, and amino acids like the ones in breast milk to reduce metabolic stress on immature kidneys. That’s in addition to probiotic Bifidus which strengthens immunity and thereby prevent infections and diseases. 
  • Try to nurse your baby small quantities of milk at frequent intervals to spare him the annoying symptoms of reflux, even if that means you have to wake up at night and feed him.
  • Make sure your baby sleeps on his back, lying on a hard mattress that fits the cradle or bed.
  • Make sure your baby is sleeping without any cover on his face or head.
  • Put a rolled-up towel or blanket under your baby’s mattress to lift his head position and alleviate the severity of his symptoms whilst sleeping.
  • Before you put your baby to bed, incorporate a set of relaxing activities like singing and reading stories into his routine to help him calm down and get ready to sleep.  


Those were our simple advices to put your baby with reflux to sleep. If you tried them but the result was in vain, do not hesitate to consult the doctor and coordinate together about more efficient measures. 


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