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Causes and potential solutions for infant vomiting

Why Is My Newborn Baby Spitting?

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Whilst your newborn thrives and tries to adjust to your breast milk in the early months, it’s perfectly normal for him to spit up shortly after nursing.


It’s also normal for him to occasionally vomit because of indigestion, motion sickness, significant pockets of air swallowed along with milk, or long bouts of coughing and crying.


In brief, anything can cause your little one to throw up over the first months of life and this so-called type of vomiting will last usually no longer than 24 hours and doesn’t require any special treatment.

Besides normal spitting up, your infant may sometimes experience repetitive bouts of vomiting because of some kind of non-serious health conditions, like gastroenteritis (often associated with diarrhea), urinary infection, ear infection, cold and acid reflux.

Should your infant vomiting lasts more than two days or is accompanied by symptoms, like  fever, refusal to breastfeed, sleeping difficulty, discomfort, abdominal pain, dehydration, swollen abdomen, blood or bile in the vomit, breathing difficulty or skin rash that doesn’t fade when the skin is pressed, this is usually a cause for concern. It probably means that your baby has a serious illness that requires immediate medical intervention.

The same applies if your baby’s vomiting is severe, consistent and happens within half an hour of eating. In such case, your little one may have congenital pyloric stenosis and needs a surgery.


To help put your mind at ease and make sure your child’s vomiting is not serious and doesn’t put his growth at risk, keep a close eye on him; normal vomiting won’t affect his body and weight and he will always have positive energy and good health!


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