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What Causes Babies To Be Fussy?

Why Infants Cry?

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

During the first few months after birth and while your baby still isn’t talking, he will try to communicate with you and get your attention to meet his needs through crying and fussiness.


But, what could be your baby’s needs? Let’s find out more about this in the following article.



Your baby needs to nurse every 2 to 3 hours; so it’s quite normal that he cries or fusses if he doesn’t get his feed on time. Not to mention that a change in the flavor of your breast milk because of some food you ate or some medications you took, may impact your little one and cause him discomfort.


Your infant should get at least 16 hours of sleep per day, and if he doesn’t get what he needs, he will show signs of stress and discomfort, and will be visibly confused and moody around his usual sleep hours.

Dirty Diapers

Prolonged exposure to wet/ soiled diapers may cause your tot itchiness and redness, which in turn will agitate him and cause him to cry.

Need for Motion

If your baby has gotten enough nourishment and sleep but still crying, he likely needs little movement. So why don’t you try to put him in a rocking chair or hold him tight and take him for a small walk?!

Lots of Stimulation

Given the sensitive nature of newborns and infants, any change in your baby’s room temperature, and any increase in lights or sounds around him may overwhelm him and cause him to cry and fuss.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

If your infant cries for long bouts of time without any apparent reason, it’s likely that he suffers from a gastrointestinal disorder or colic.


Furthermore, your bundle of joy may cry and fusses if he feels lonely and wants to get your attention so you’d come to him and hold him close to you, or if he’s sick; in this case, you will have to check out his body temperature and symptoms and contact his pediatrician for advice.


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