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How To Soothe A Crying Baby?

Tips To Calm A Fussy Newborn

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

As time passes by, you will learn that babies cry a lot, either because of hunger, fatigue or many other obvious reasons that need to be urgently and quickly met. But sometimes, causes lying behind a crying attack are unclear, and trying to soothe a baby is often a difficult task.

And because there is no standardized effective intervention to reduce baby’s crying attacks, we thought of offering you some tried suggestions, perhaps you will find in them the way that will relieve your baby’s discomfort:


  • Stand with feet apart, holding baby in your arms. Try to swing him gently back and forth, while keeping him close to your body and near your hip level. When you get tired, try to use a rocking chair instead.
  • Place your mostly naked baby (diaper only) on your bare chest in an upright position. Cover him with your clothe or a blanket to help him calm down. This technique is known by kangaroo care, a safe and effective method to soothe crying babies according to experts.
  • Swaddle your infant with a light blanket. Swaddling that keeps baby’s arms close to his body while giving his legs some space to move, shall help him relax and sleep for a longer period of time.
  • Turn on any electrical appliance that makes loud and annoying sound like the washer and the fan, for the noise these machines make reminds your baby of what he used to hear while in the womb, and thus give him comfort.
  • Whisper in your baby’s ears mumbles and sounds similar to those he used to hear whilst in the womb.
  • Take your baby out of his room either outdoors or into another room. Changing atmosphere can distract your bundle of joy so he can relax and stop crying.
  • Try to massage your baby with light and gentle movements that help him relax.
  • Sing for your baby any rhythm or song you have in mind, for hearing your voice will certainly calm him down and distract him from crying.
  • If bathing is a fun time for your child, do not hesitate to use it as a mean to wash his tears away.
  • If overstimulation is the cause behind your baby’s crying attacks, try as much as possible to reduce it, by dimming the lights and turning off the music and the phone, etc.
  • Check your baby’s room temperature and clothing, maybe he’s crying because he’s too hot or cold.


Those were our simple tricks to deal with infant crying attacks, try them out and share your experience on our website. And be sure that you will manage to soothe your baby, and all you need is patience, time and the will to try.


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